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20 March 2007 @ 11:51 am
Spring is tomorrow!  
I probably won't finish this entry right now but I figured I'd start it because I'm still quite nervous and have nothing much better to do. I never ended up writing again last night because I was so overwhelmed with work. I couldn't avoid doing it any longer and I ended up staying up working until 3:30 in the morning. It doesn't matter though, I wasn't really all that tired, and making sure I knew exactly what to say for the debate was my main concern. I needed to make sure I wasn't stuck up there in silence because it's so embarrassing! God answered my prayers yesterday, and I want to thank him for everything he has done for me. Thank you. I was able to see Pedro, not in the dinning hall, but on the way back. Him and group of other dudes must've been heading over to the dinning hall and I passed them. At first I was upset that I did not see them in there, but it is better that I saw them outside because he noticed me and said hello. Jay even went out of his way to reach over and wave to me! I thought that was cute of him. Now I know for sure that they know they are coming to Maryland with us on Sunday because I talked to Vik online last night in the midst of all my work chaos. I also talked to Mel R. I miss her SOO badly, I can't even begin to explain. I really believe we could be best friends if we both put more effort into getting together. I think she's afraid to call me, like I am to her. She told me she wanted to come kidnap me, and of all the nights to do it, she picked the most perfect one. I survived it though and now I feel free.


I'm back from Graphic Design and Wawa now. It's 4:50 and I'm sitting here yearning for Rafael Nadal and Pedro equally. I'm so excited that The Sony Ericsson Open in Miami is this week, and I hope ESPN will be so kind as to show some of the matches again. Rafa has been amazing me left and right these past few weeks. He's such an inspiration, and for him to come out of his slump makes me so excited. I want him to beat Rogi again. They're about due for another meeting.. tehehe. Vamos!

Anyway, as I was coming back from Graphic with my big arse piece of foam board and folder in my hands going down into the tunnel, I realized that I may end up running into one of the boys going to tennis practice. Then I told myself that it is going to start in less than five minutes so they're probably all over there already. Nope! From the other side of the tunnel I see who, none other than Pedro, running rather funny with his tennis bag on his back toward me, obviously not wanting to be late for practice. He stopped running halfway into the tunnel, but I wasn't staring at him and I couldn't tell if he was looking at me. It felt so wrong to pass him without saying hello, even though it is stupid to keep doing so without conversation, but nonetheless, wrong. I want to know why he stopped running. Did he notice it was me and not want to saying anything? I don't know, but I do know that yet again I'm thinking way too much into this. Even though I really want to see him again in the dh tonight, I'm so friggin tired and haven't even taken a shower today. Not even a washing of the face... haha! I must look terrible, and yesterday I'm pretty sure I looked terrible when I past him on the way back. Eck. I long for the the awards ceremony at the end of the year so I can dress up and actually look like a girl when I see him.. lol.

I am so tired I want to lay down right now, but I don't know what to do. I need to shower, but I might go to the gym later. Ugh, I might lay down for a bit because I'm close to doing the head bob. In any case, when I was talking to Vik last night he seemed curious to know when we started practicing outside. I told him practice starts on Wednesday at 4:30-6:30, but of course I have class during that time. Not cool. There is a possibility he will let us out early, but doubtful considering we are going to be working on our newest project. Okay, and just a random note before I go lay down... I've got to call Kevin at the Atlantic Club!! Ahh, I'm scared but I must! Okay I'm out. Cheers.

-oh ps- spring begins tomorrow officially!! YAY!!
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